Monday, December 17, 2012

December 2012 Update

Hey Folks,

We had a very busy summer coaching and training, thanks to all who came to train with us from distant points, and all the locals who kept it real.

Things have slowed down a bit after Labor Day, which is to be expected, but we are still here, and still training hard, and we have a goodly contingent of dedicated local CF'ers who are unwilling to be held by the lack of amenities at our gym (you know, those basic creature comforts like insulation or heating!) training through this winter season.

We are pleased  to announce that we are now scheduling all of our classes via Mind Body Online; please click here to view our class schedule and to reserve your training sessions.

And, we are also pleased to annoounce that we will be signing up as a Mind Body Online Wellness Program partner, and will be offering discounted packages for MBO employess, several of whom are already athletes at our box.

Have a happy and safe holiday season. Peace on Earth, Good Will To All

Wook Smart. Play Hard. Eat Good Good


Keep it Lean in 2013!!!
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