Saturday, January 28, 2012

Garage Gym - Redux

We have been hard at work over the past few weeks renovating and expanding The Garage Gym. Many thanks again to Kyle for his dedicated work, as well as Leni and everyone else who pitched in.

We have opened the space to include the entire structure, and have cathedralized the ceiling to create two full height areas, allowing for unobstrucuted overhead work; pressing, rope climbs, rings problem...
We installed our pull-up structure inside (salvaged from the former CrossFit NYC Black Box - Brooklyn, many thanks to Cort and crew, this is some vintage CrossFit welding and machining work, and was one of the first custom made pull rigs for one of the first CrossFit affiliate), as well as mokey bars for the kids (and grown-ups too). We now have room for more athletes to train, so come on down and train with us in our newly expanded gym!

Work Smart. Play Hard. Eat Good Food.

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