Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Sunday Breakfast

This was a tomato-basil-bacon salad.
The bacon is a good quality thick sliced, uncured (no nitrates), dry rubbed with a minimal amount of salt and maple syrup.
The tomatoes were fresh-picked garden tomatoes, a grape tomato variety I think. they were shaped like plum tomatoes but smaller.
And fresh basil of course.

I prep'ed the tomatoes and basil why the bacon cooked. Let the bacon cooll just a bit, then chopped the bacon diagonally across the strips (this is where the thick sliced works much better). Added only a little bit of black pepper. Done in 10-15 minutes.

A good B.L.T sandwich is one thing that I really miss now that I rarely eat bread. but my favorite part of the B.L.T was always the B and the T, so this dish really filled the craving. although i have to say the mayo on the BLT was also pretty darn good. This is inspiring me to make some of my own coconut mayo recipe that I have been scheming on. maybe coconut-curry-roasted garlic mayo...

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