Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just the Two of Us

2x jogging, 2x sprinting, 1x Skipping, .5x high knees, .5x high heels (butt kicks), 1x cariocas, .5x bear crawl. 5x rabbit, .5x frog, .5x crabwalk,.5x bow stance walking, .5x cartwheel R, .5x cartwheel L, 4 x sprinting
(1x = 1 length basketball court)

Deadlift (7-5-3)-3-3-3

Finisher: 7 minutes - max reps Burpees

It was just Spencer and I for this session, so I worked out with him. Spence worked up to 230lbs x 3, I worked up to 315 x 3, could have gone higher, but given the facte that I haven't dealifted heavy for awhile, I played it safe.

Spencer put up 55 Burpees, I did 88. Way to go Spencer! Those burpees can be a real suckfest...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Anotha' One

10 min Foam rolling
Run 400m
Joint Prep
Dynamic + Statics: Squats, Cossacks, Spiderman, Bear Crawl, Rabbit, Frog, Child Pose/Cobra/Down Dog, Pretzel, Snake Creeps Through, Pry Squat, Stripper Stretch, Airplane

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)

WOD: 20 Min Amrap
10 KTE
20 Walking lunge with 30 lb dumbells

Friday, August 27, 2010

The In Crowd

Warm-Up: Jump Rope - 100 Double-Unders, or 5 min DU practice
Joint Mobility Set
CFSWU 3 x 15

WOD: 3 Rounds of:
2  cycles of 45sec work/15 sec rest at each station
Bear Crawl
Front Squat
Rest 1 minute between rounds

We welcomed Robbie, Kendall, and Mac to our club this morning. And welcome back to Linda. Nice job all around, everybody!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Warm-Up: 100 Double-Unders
Joint Mobility
Wushu Jibengong
CFSWU 2 x10

WOD: 3 rounds of
3 cycles of 30 sec work/15 sec rest of
Push Press
Pull-ups (sub wieghted sit-ups for the folks who did Nicole yesterday)

Post total reps to comments (Calories for reps on the rower)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Schedule and Training Times

Please click here to view our schedule and book your training sessions.

We also have additional availability 7 days a week 7am to 8pm by arrangement. Drop-ins are welcome, however please note all training sessions are by appointment only (we want to know when you're coming, most people email or text the day before to confirm their training slot).  

Please call, email, or text if you have any questions. Thanks.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Darling Nicky

And now, for a classic Crossfit Benchmark WOD: Nicole!

Warm-up: 100 Double-Unders or 3min
Joint Mobility Set
Spidermans, Inchworm, Bearcrawl
Crossfit Standard Warm-up: 2 rounds @ 15 Reps
Skill: Pose Running Basics

Nicole - 20 minute AMRAP of:
Run 400m
Max Pull-ups

Finisher:2 rounds of
1 minute plank
1 minute squat hold

Post rounds and pull-up reps to comments

Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Notes About Our Program

Hey Everybody,

Ok, here is some info about our training that you might want to track on:

I am making a concerted effort to regularly post WOD’s to our site, as well as photos, videos, recipes, schedule changes, etc.

It’s always a good idea to check the blog before coming to class. If for some reason I have to cancel class, or am going to be late, I will post the change to the blog. This is the best way to stay informed about our training schedule.

Having a regular community of Crossfitters reading and posting to both the mainsite (www.crossfit.com) and to local affiliates’ blogs is a big part of Crossfit’s success, and central to the culture of our community.

Being a fledging, part-time affiliate with mostly beginner’s, we haven’t had many people logging in or posting comments. I would really like folks to starting posting comments.
Comments can include your performance on the workout (loads lifted, time to complete, number of reps, total score, scaling, etc.), how you felt during or after the WOD (e.g. “That Elizabeth WOD was a total Suckfest!”), shout-outs to friends for their strong performance or determination, or questions about anything Crossfit related.

Check out some blog’s from other affiliates, or the comments page on the mainsite, and you’ll see that the online component is central to our community building. And we’re all about community.
This also overlaps with another topic: tracking your workouts. Because we have had some many newbies, and because I often have to workout our programming on the spot to fit the needs of our many clients, we have not pushed people to track their workouts. But keeping track of your performance is another key element of the Crossfit method. You should keep a notebook, or use one of the many I-phone apps or online software to record what you do for every work out. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. The only way to know if your training is actually effective is to track the results.
We will come back to a particular workout every few weeks or few months, and it is hugely empowering and motivating when you finish a workout and look back at your previous performance and see how much better you did. For you newbies, this is called a “PR” (personal record). You should be shooting for a PR on every workout! When you are a beginner, it is fairly easy to hit a PR every time, but as your training advances, it becomes exceedingly difficult to PR every time. But you should be hitting it with the intensity and intent of hitting a PR.
So you need to know what your performance has been on all of your previous workouts, especially the heavy lifts. As we progress to more heavy lifting, we will be basing our numbers of what we plan to lift on what we had put up previously.

I also encourage people to track not only the WOD, but all the warm-up, joint-prep, dynamic conditioning, cooldown, etc. Sometimes there is a movement(s) in a portion of the training session other than the WOD that will have a profound influence, and it is helpful to be able to look back at everything that you have done. E.G. “My quads are killing me and I can barely walk down the stairs, but the WOD yesterday was Death-by-Pull-ups and all I used was my arms.” But then you look back and see that during the warm-up and dynamic conditioning portion we did a whole mess of frog jumps, and that’s what wrecked your quads. This is useful stuff to know.

We have been growing slowly, purely by word of mouth. Some people try it and never come back, some stay for awhile, but only the dedicated remain for the long haul. We have a great group of folks training right now, but the more the merrier, so please, tell all your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and random folks on the street about this crazy fitness thing called Crossfit, and if they want to feel better, look better, and perform better, they should give a try. We would really appreciate your referrals.

That being said, please have new people email or call to arrange an introductory session. Now that we have a group of folks who have been training for a few months, it is difficult to give a intro session while simultaneously running a class. Folks are welcome to come down and check out the class, but for people that have never trained Crossfit before, I would prefer to give them a dedicated introductory session. We will have regular intro session times scheduled, but people can also arrange for an appointment. So please call or email before attending your first session if you are new to Crossfit.
Equipment: as you get into Crossfit, there are a few small items that are worthwhile investments to purchase and bring with you to class on a regular basis:
-A notebook/workout journal, a standard hard-cover bound composition notebook works well

-A good pair of shoes. Our preference for footwear is not the standard running shoe or crosstraining shoe that many gym goers sport. Instead, we prefer a low-profile, flexible shoe such as Chucks (Converse all-star), indoor soccer shoes like Samba Classics, a track shoe/racing like Aasics Onitsuka Tigers, Puma K-Streets, a parkour shoe like Inov-8’s, a martial arts shoe like FeiYue wushu shoes, or a “barefoot-style” shoe like Nike Free or Vibram Five-Fingers.

-A pair of knee high socks. There’s a reason that all those buff guys and cute chicks in the pictures on the Crossfit site arte wearing high socks: when we do a bunch of barbell movements like deadlifts, sumo deadlift high-pulls, cleans, etc, we want the bar to be in contact with our legs as we drag the bar up and down. The longs socks afford some measure of protection for your shins. The maxim is: “Don’t leave your DNA on the bar”
-A jump-rope. We provide jump-ropes for people to use, but if you want to get good at jumping rope and doing double-unders, it is very much worth it to find a rope that you like and to buy one for yourself so that you can practice regularly. My favorite rope is the cable speed rope, which comes extra long and can be trimmed to length to fit your profile.

And last but not least, for those who are afraid of training Crossfit because they are afraid of bulking up (this is mostly women who say this), or getting too skinny (this is mostly guys), this is just a lame excuse!

Crossfit can be a powerful tool for reshaping one’s body, and we can help you tailor your training and nutrition to maximize your body re-composition, whether that is leaning out, “toning-up”, or adding muscle.

But you are not going to look like Arnold just because you actually lifted something heavier than the silly pink 2 lb dumbbells that Gwyneth Paltrow likes so much. Our program is about functional fitness, and this includes increasing our strength to weight ratio. Getting big for bigness-sake is antithetical to what we do. As is wasting away to skin and bones with endless bouts of “cardio”.

There are thousands of people who have transformed their lives with Crossfit, and if you search the web you can easily find heaps of success stories and incredible before and after pics, like this one featured on the affiliate page of the mainsite a few days ago: Vanessa These before and after pics are the real deal, people snapping pics with their phones in natural light, not the classic fakey-air-brushed infomercial BS.

But the really important thing is that if you read what those people in the pictures write about how they have changed there lives, they are more into how much better they FEEL, and the things they can DO, not just how much better they look.

We care about performance, results, and work capacity. Looking good naked is a beneficial side-effect. I promise you that if you train with us and stick with our program, that you will feel better, look better, and perform better.

So come on down and get some!
If you have any questions or concerns about your training, please feel to call or email, I am always willing to share my knowledge to improve your experience and maximize your training.

Thank you for your support.
Work Smart, Play Hard, Eat Good Food.

Battle Royale

Well, it was just me and Brotha' B this morning, so I programmed a 1-on-1 Battle Royale. Here's what we did:

Warm-up: 100 Double-Unders
Joint Mobility Set
Dynamic Conditioning: Medball partner toss: Squats, OH Lunge, Heidens, Half-moons, Round the Back Toss

WOD: This is a two-person showdown of:
Row 500 m vs. Dumbells Thrusters
Row 500m vs Sit-ups
Row 500m vs KBS

That is: Athlete A rows 500m while Athlete B does as many reps of thrusters, then B Rows 500m while A does thrusters, and so on. The athlete rowing tries to row as fast as possible to limit the amount of time that the other person has to complete reps of the other exercises.

Post 500m row times, loads, and reps to comments.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Motus Crossfit Movements and Exercises List

This is a semi-comprehensive list of most of the movements that we regularly train.

It can be helpful to print yourself a copy of the list and bring it with you to class in your notebook (you all keep a workout notebook, right?) As you learn new movements, you can check them off, or make notes about how to do the movement, or draw some stick figures to help you remember.

Work Smart. Play Hard. Eat Good Food.

See the list here.

My Sunday Breakfast

This was a tomato-basil-bacon salad.
The bacon is a good quality thick sliced, uncured (no nitrates), dry rubbed with a minimal amount of salt and maple syrup.
The tomatoes were fresh-picked garden tomatoes, a grape tomato variety I think. they were shaped like plum tomatoes but smaller.
And fresh basil of course.

I prep'ed the tomatoes and basil why the bacon cooked. Let the bacon cooll just a bit, then chopped the bacon diagonally across the strips (this is where the thick sliced works much better). Added only a little bit of black pepper. Done in 10-15 minutes.

A good B.L.T sandwich is one thing that I really miss now that I rarely eat bread. but my favorite part of the B.L.T was always the B and the T, so this dish really filled the craving. although i have to say the mayo on the BLT was also pretty darn good. This is inspiring me to make some of my own coconut mayo recipe that I have been scheming on. maybe coconut-curry-roasted garlic mayo...

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Warm-Up: 100 Double-Unders
Crossfit Standard Warm-Up 2 rounds @ 15 reps
Dynamics: Cossacks, Cat/Cow, Bird Dog, Stripper Stretch, Compass Lunge, Superman

Skill: Sumo Deadlift High Pull (SDHP)

WOD: 5 dournds for time of:
Run 400m
15 Burpees

20 min cutoff

post loads and time to comments.

The Boys Are Back in Town

We're back....Saturday 11:30 am class is on. Be there or be square.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Out of Town

I will be out of town for a few days, no class on Thursday night or Friday morning...Saturday morning is TBD...stay tuned for details



Warm-Up: Row 500 m

Joint Mobility Set

Dynamic Conditioning: Spidermans, Cossacks, Over-Unders, Snake Creeps Through, Cat/Cow, Birddogs, Scorpion, Crash Victim, Superman

WOD: 15 Min Amrap:
15 KBS
15 Box Jumps
45m Farmer's Carry
15 KTE

Monday, August 16, 2010

Heavy D and the Boyz...

Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

10 Min Amrap:
10 Pull-ups CTB
15 Toes-to-Bar

Friday, August 13, 2010

This morning

Here is a pic from the 6 am class. Nice work everybody. This morning we had Devin, a fellow Crossfitter visiting from Colorado, and Shane, a soccer player and multi-sport coach at the SYS, as well as Brian, Dorothy, and Sarah, some of our morning crew regulars.

Flight Gone Mad

Today's WOD is a FGB format workout:

3 rds of 45 work/15 sec rest at each station:

Rowing (calories for reps)

Rest one minute between rounds

Post total reps to comments

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wallin', Crawlin', Ballin' and Fallin'

OK, trying to get back into the habit of regularly posting WODs. Here what we did this morning:

Skill: Precisions

20 min AMRAP:
20 Wallballs
20m Bearcrawl
20 Ball slams
20 Box Jumps

This one really took its toll: almost everybody had to scale either reps or total duration. Many were completed cooked after 8 or 9 minutes.

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