Monday, April 12, 2010

Food! 2

So on Sunday night, we ate leftovers from friday nights P2 Cubano Dinner. The chicken had been a bit balnd on Friday so I had out it back on the stove, added some more spice blend, and let it cook until it was "in stracci", or shredded. So much better.

Guac is a must for this meal. And I decided to experiment with the pico de gallo by using the same trick that i used for the mashed sweet potatoes, adding some coconut milk and curry. i also added a biut more cilantro and a drizzle of toasted sesame oil. It truned it into a sort of latin-asian fusion chutney kind of deal, and it was delicuous. I might have to do this everytime I make pico.

The scond pick shows that added some sour cream and grated cheese. Not exactly paleo, but not the worst thing you could. It is an undoubtedly delicuous addition, but it is not necessary by any means. The combination of the spicy chicken, the creamy guacamole, and the tangy fusion pico really hits the spot.

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