Sunday, March 21, 2010

Might Mighty Bosstones

I just registered  for the Mighty Hamptons triathlon. My brother and his wife are registered, as are some of their friends, and some of my new CF acquaintances in LI.

The event is held at Long Beach in Sag Harbor, which is a few hundred yards from my house.

I am really hoping to using this event as motivation to straighten up and fly right, to dial in my nutrition, training, programming, sleep, lifestyle, the whole deal.

This is going to be my first Olympic distance triathlon, and I am really intimidated by the swim. But the great thing is that I live right next to the course, so i will be swimming and biking the course a couple of times befoe the event.

I will be implementing a Crossfit Endurance protocol in my training, but only so far as it interfaces and supplements with my ongoing gymnastics strength and progressive max effort strength training.

I am hoping that a bunch more of my friends, new and old, in LI and Western, MA sign  up for the race too. Jesse, Darius, Pierre, all you CF Amherst, PVCF, folk, Amy, Johnny, Seth, and all the new MCCF Sag Harbor folks, Dave, Charlie, and Ben from RWD...we should get a gaggle of folks of signed up and training.

Yeah, so I really have to get some of my previous met con ability up to snuff, but I really want to see if I can do it without losing , or even continuing to improve, strength and mobility.

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