Sunday, February 14, 2010

Proposed Schedule

We will probably be doing something like this:

Class times:
Tuesday 6am, 9am
Wednesday 3pm

Saturday 7-9
Sunday 10-12 am

Open Gym Hours: all hours that the AAC is open and there is neither an AAC class of CFA class in the room. I will post the actual time slots soon, but it will be something like 8 hours available each day. It is a lot of Open Gym time.

Option A+B will include a guaranteed spot at one weekday and one weekend class. People can attend additional classes if, and only if, there is room. The classes will be capped at 10 people per class.

We will be using Mind Body Online to schedule our classes and training sessions. Advance scheduling through MBO will be required to guarantee your spot for all classes .

For every five new members that we get, we can add another class session per week in the schedule, filling in the schedule according to people's stated preferred times.

Please email a list of your preferred time slots for both classes and open gym hours, and I will try to factor in everyone's needs as we refine the schedule. Or better yet, send me an email AND post the same info to the comments section of this blog post so that everyone else can see, thus facilitating a group discussion.


Melissa said...

Weekdays-6 am or anytime after 1pm
Sunday-11 or after works

I volunteer on Wednesdays from 2-4:30 at a food pantry, but that doesn't necessarily need to be part of the scheduling process.

Anonymous said...

For Classes...Monday or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday at 6am is perfect for me. (What you've suggested on Tuesday is great)

Saturday at 7am and/or Sunday at preferably 10a (I work early every other Saturday and early every Wednesday.)

Open Gym Hours...If the class was filled on the weekend, I would like to come in earlier than 10am for Sunday or anytime Saturday.


Anonymous said...

I am available and interested both weekend times. Getting up for a 6am workout is pushing it for me, but that's the only weekday time I'm able to make, so I'll make it happen. Best open gym time for me is after work (4, 5 or 6 pm) and I guess 6 or 7 am .

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