Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't be a Dumba** Like Me

So this morning at he end of the 6 am class, i set up to do the WOD myself.

iIwas kickin' a** and taking names until on the round of 9 I tweaked something in my back bad enough to make me stop the workout.

In retrospect, here is what I did wrong, and you should be sure to avoid these mistakes:

-Insufficient warmup. Given the fact that  my back was tight from doing Grace and then moving a bunch of furniture yesterday, I should have spent way more time warming up.
-Improper form. I didn't have my back sufficiently tight and straight. I was propbably even bouncing the reps on the deadlift, rather than letting the bar come to a full stop and full resetting on each lift. muy muy importante.

So don't be a dumba** like me! warm-up! Use proper form!


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doin better!

bgoods said...

Some extensive lacrosse ball rolling, ice, and stretching have helped significantly. thanks.

bmreed said...

The burpees looked great though!

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