Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Change is Gonna' Come, or, Metamorphosis

An Open Letter to the Members of Crossfit Amherst

So Folks, there is good news and there’s bad news.

The Bad News first: To be able to bring home the bacon, my architecture and construction will soon be taking me to Long Island on a full-time basis. This means I will not be able to teach classes and personal training sessions on a daily basis as I have been for the past few months.

The Good News: The good news is that there could be a silver lining to this for all of us, and provide many opportunities to increase everyone’s quality and value of their training at Crossfit Amherst.

I have been working hard to lay the ground work to bring in more Crossfit Trainers to do some of the training and instruction.

Many of you responded strongly that you really want to train with me, and viewed the prospect of training with someone else with some apprehension. I am happy that I have done a good enough job that you feel this way. But the trainers we have coming on are people that I know and respect. I will be working with them to continue to provide you with the best possible service and value,  and I want to make sure that it is up to my standards in terms of safe effective training. But I also want to give our trainers wide berth to express their views and have their own particular focus and specialties.

I very much want our new Crossfit Amherst community to continue to grow, and for everyone who is willing and able to be able to train.

So here is what I am offering:

Effective February 15, 2010, the membership and training fee structure will change somewhat. Monthly CFA membership dues will remain $125, but now that will include the following services:

Option A: $75 per month Open Gym Access & Equipment Fee: includes full access to our equipment during open gym hours. There is no trainer on the floor, so you have to know what you are doing and know how to train safely. But many of the best athletes don’t really need me in their face harping on their form. What they need is a space to train in, and the equipment to train with, and the time to do it. This arrangement will make it much more flexible.

Option B: $75 per month Crossfit Instruction, includes:

1 to 2 Group Format class hours per week. The classes will be by appointment only, scheduled in advance. We will still have some morning and afternoon classes, and weekends as well.

1 monthly 3-hour seminar. The seminars will focus in-depth on topics including pose running, gymnastics, olympic weightlifting, powerlifting,  nutrition/food/cooking, CrossPit, mobility and recovery, etc.

Option A+B will be $125, a $25 discount.

People who want to just train on their own can get the basic gym membership for $75. If you want to study with our instructors, and/or have private/small group personal training, you should sign up for the Crossfit Instruction which will total $125.

For people who need or want more time with an instructor or trainer, additional group format and private small group training time can be purchased at the following rates:

$12.50/hr group format (4-6 people per instructor)
$25/hr small group (2 athletes, one trainer)
$50/hr private training (one-on-one)

This change in fee structure achieves several goals:

The open gym feature allows people more flexibility in training times, and the ability to customize their workouts according to their training needs and schedule.

The new class format places an important value on the professional training and instruction, and the real service that we provide. I have been doing this primarily not for the money, but because I love teaching and training people, and have a passion for it. But given my current economic situation, I can no longer afford the time to continue doing that.

This new arrangement makes it possible to keep our monthly membership fees the same and actually be able to afford the trainers to teach the classes.

We will continue to add more class hours during the week as our membership grows.

For the next few months I will be in Amherst on the weekends, and will continue to teach and train people when I am here. I will also be running our monthly seminars, and will continue to be involved in the development and management of our program.

Please know that I am doing all this because I care very deeply about  our community; it is just a little seedling right now, but it has great potential to grow and flourish. And it needs your help.

The success of our affiliate and community depends on your support and dedication.; dedication to yourself, your health, and to each other. I urge each and everyone of you to empower yourself in your Crossfit training and continue to study, learn, and train with me, with our trainers, and also on your own. We only have you in the gym for so many hours per week. If you are serious about being healthy and fit, you need to spend the time and energy outside of class.

This new arrangement maximizes the potential value of both the training with the instructor and training on your own.

And people are welcome to organize their own WODs with their friends and work-out buddies. Just because I’m not there, or another instructor, doesn’t mean that 2 or 3 or 4 of you can’t get together on you own and crank the tunes and get a 3-2-1 GO!

But you must absolutely train safely and effectively at all times! We will teach you how to do this, that’s what the classes and private/small group work is for…

Part of what has made Crossfit so wildly successful is the Open Source approach. I want our gym to more Open Source. Open source means that the organization and practice is dynamically influenced by all of the users, it is constantly being tweaked and revised and made consistently better all the time. It is an inclusive cooperative effort.

So I need everyone to please respond as soon as possible and choose one of the following options:

Option A  $75 Gym and Equipment Access only

Option B  - $75 Crossfit Training (includes 2 classes per week and 1
monthly seminar)

Option A+B - $125 Open Gym Access and Crossfit Training

Option C – This arrangement does not work for me, I will make arrangements to train somewhere else or with someone other than Crossfit Amherst. Please send me a refund for the remainder of this month’s fee.

This arrangement will only work if we have enough people willing to continue training in this manner.

The easiest and safest move for me, purely in terms of a business decision, is to pack it all up and close the door. I don’t want to do that because I care about each and every one of you and want the seed that we have planted to flourish and grow.

I will be following up with everyone individually over the next few days.

I  really, really hope that everyone will pull together on this and make it happen. No matter what happens, Crossfit Amherst will always continue to exist because, as this whole saga has shown me, CFA is really more about the program and instruction, and how we run things. It is a mobile school. It is everywhere I go, and it is everywhere that everyone in our school’s community goes. I will always be doing Crossfit because the essence of the Crossfit philosophy and approach is very much inline with my own personal philosophy and lifestyle.

I am Crossfit. Are you? I went from overweight and out of shape with maybe 2 or 3 deadhang pull-ups and 9:30 mile, to lean, mean and 40 pull-ups,  6:15 mile, sub 4 min Fran time, and 400 lb deadlift. I offer my stats not to brag (it is certainly not elite performance by any means), but as proof of the efficacy of what we do.

Do you want to get a pull-up? A Push-Up? A 100 Pull-ups? Do you want to be as physically and mentally prepared for life’s challenges as you could be? Do you want to train to stay alive? To stay out of a  retirement home? Are you training for a triathlon? Do you want to be able to do a back-flip? A kip-up? An aerial? Do you want to run, jump, lift, throw, roll, sprint, vault, pull, push, kick, punch, slam, flip, spin, twist and MOVE?

IF YOU want to do ANY of the above things, then you should train with Crossfit Amherst. Together, We will build a build a better You.

Crossfit Amherst is Community Based Training for the Mind and Body.

I hope that you will be part of our community.


CEO - Crossfit Amherst
Crossfit Level 1 Certified Trainer
Crossfit Gymnastics
Crossfit Endurance


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Melissa said...

I'd like to do A+B since 2 classes a week are just not enough and I don't know enough to do it completely on my own yet. I'll email you times and post them in the above blog.

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