Friday, February 19, 2010

$5 Primal Breakfast at WF

This was breakfast at Whole Foods, aka Whole Paycheck. But with some savvy decision making, I got a great breakfast that I would describe as natural-whole-food-paleo-primal-gourmet. Here's what ate:

Bacon and Eggs -Whole foods, in my opinion, makes sdome of the best bacon on earth in their breakfast bar. I'm not exactly sure how they cook it, I think they might bake it. Every once in a while you get a batch that is all over cooked, which I avoid. (When I cook bacon, I ask people: "How do you like your bacon? Delicious or overcooked?" ) But most of the time it is perfectly cooked, and it is about the most wholesome bacon you could get: no nitrates, very little salt, and a miniscule amount of maple syrup.  So I got 4 thick pieces of bacon, probably about 6 oz cooked.

Bacon is a could cost value. The bacon that they use sells for $6.99/lb raw, and it loses as much as 60% of the original weight from cooking, so it works out to over $10/lb, but the breakfast bar is $7.99, so I think its a good deal.

Eggs, while delicious and wholesome are cheap, and such the one the best deals when cooking at home, but probably cost less than $3/lb cooked. So I go for a high bacon-to-egg ratio when rockin it at Whole Paycheck for maximum cost effectiveness.

The bacon eggs take up about a 1/3 of the plate. The other 2/3 is comprised of a salad that is also imo a good value and of a particular blend of salad than i would usually not take the time to make at home.

The salad started with a handful of mixed greens (i used the tongs, not my hands), and handful of baby spinach as a base, and then topped it grated carrots, thin sliced red cabbage, cranberries, walnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, and few small pieces of beet and sweet potato.

I like this kind of salad for breakfast, and I don't dress it. Instead I use the blend of crunchy, sweet, nutty veggies and nuts which essentially act as dryer, more savory breakfast dish. Some food cutlture, suich as the japanese, like to eat sour and or bitter for breakfast. But i don't kick it like that. The salad really balances the bacon and eggs. Warm, savory, dense, with lite, crunchy, sweet. The little bit of sweet potatoes really tie the whole thing together.

So this bacon egg and crunchy breakfast salad hits the spot and is imo great fuel for my mind and body.

Yum. $4.94. Thats the stuff.

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