Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the importance of footwear

anyone training with me has probably heard me rant about having the right footwear (which might mean none at all!), and of training and strengthening your feet.

here are some links to articles on the subject

Daily Mail barefoot running

You Walk Wrong

Fitness Spotlight - Barefoot Running

The above links are all sourceed from an excellent multi-partt article by Steven Low on about shoes, sitting, and lower body dysfunction, which i highly recommend everyone read. Steven Low, a gymnast and academic in the fields of biochem, exercise physiology, and physical therapy, is a mainstay of the Crossfit discussion boards. His many contributions are an invaluable (and free) resource.

Check out his article here:

Shoes, Sitting, and Lower Body Dysfunctions. By Steven Low

so unstrap those matresses from your feet and work it out!

but please also beware! with barefoot running and barefoot tech footwear, you definitely want to develop your capabilties gradually. it is very easy to do too much too soon, and this can lead to injuries and aggravations. so please train safely and effectively.

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